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Strategies for Transitioning from School Year to Summer

The school year is coming to an end, and many families are excited for fun in the sun and a break from the hustle and bustle of the school year. However, summer can be a source of stress for many parents with the change in childcare and schedules.

How Parents Take Part in the Anxiety Cycle

When a child has an anxiety and/or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a parent’s actions – even with good intentions – can accidentally make things worse. Understanding how parents take part in the anxiety cycle is important in helping kids get better.

The Anxiety/Avoidance Cycle

Learn how we work with children, teens, young adults, and their caregivers to break the anxiety/avoidance cycle. We help them learn flexible responses to their anxious thoughts and feelings through exposure and response prevention, and acceptance. We create fear hierarchies and work our way through them, one step at a time.

Strategies for Addressing School Avoidance Due to Anxiety

School avoidance is a term used when a child or teen avoids going to school for an extended period of time and/or consistently arrives late or leaves early. It can happen for a variety of reasons, including emotional distress, which is particularly challenging and the focus of this blog.

Making Peace with Mice: My Exposure Journey

Exposure is about gradually facing the people, places, things, situations and activities that cause anxiety so that the brain can create new, more adaptive memories to compete with fear memories.

On-Demand Webinar: The Many Faces of Anxiety and OCD

Watch Dr. Boger and Dr. Potter as they present with the NJAAP on the many presentations of Anxiety and OCD.

Managing Holiday Stress: Strategies for Cultivating Calm and Contentment

The holidays suddenly arrive, and you realize that you aren’t experiencing the zen you had expected. During “the most wonderful time of year,” you’re feeling more stressed and anxious than before.

Effectiveness of Intensive Virtual Treatment for Pediatric Anxiety and OCD 

In light of the growing pediatric mental health crisis and long wait times to see an in-person therapist, a team of mental health leaders from the nationally recognized McLean Anxiety Mastery Program (MAMP) conducted research regarding the benefits of videoconferencing-based cognitive behavioral therapy (VCBT) for intensive treatment of pediatric anxiety and OCD.

Parenting Your Child With Anxiety

Parenting is hard. Parenting a child who has anxiety can be even more challenging, leaving you feeling drained and unsure of the best approach. Here are some things you can do to effectively support your child (and yourself!) when they are struggling with high levels of anxiety.

The Desperate Search for Child Anxiety Treatment

When children are having difficulty accessing evidence-based therapy due to the severity of their symptoms, medication augmentation is considered. Unfortunately, finding appropriate help is often an arduous task. Astonishingly, eighty percent of children and teenagers with anxiety disorders do not receive the treatment they need.

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