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Get Back to the Life You Want

InStride is with you during daily life, empowering you to manage anxiety, face your fears, and live the life you want to live.

We Make Better Outcomes More Accessible

InStride is removing some of the biggest hurdles to accessing outpatient mental health care, bringing proven treatment in innovative ways to those who need it most.

Core Value

The access you need

Instead of being on a waitlist for weeks or even months, InStride gets you in quickly, contacting you within 24 hours of your application. And our treatment is covered by insurance, helping reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Core Value

Intensity tailored to your needs

We walk right along with each child, teen, young adult, and family at the right pace to get them to the best possible outcome. Our personalized treatment ranges from daily touch points with providers to weekly support and asynchronous digital learning opportunities. We meet you where you are, adjusting treatment as your needs evolve.

A care team that cares

With InStride, you have a coordinated, multidisciplinary care team, including psychiatrists, therapists, and exposure coaches, dedicated to your treatment. Your team is with you, providing expert support that goes beyond scheduled care, communicating between sessions to check in, encouraging your progress, and keeping you focused.

Core Value

Treating the whole person

Anxiety and OCD often present with additional struggles such as Depression and ADHD. While our primary focus is on Anxiety and OCD, we are well equipped to help address these additional challenges.

InStride Surrounds You with Care

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For Families

Individualized Treatment

We created an innovative new system to empower our family-centric care. Because we believe that for treatment to truly work, it has to work with you and for you. Our model delivers the flexibility necessary to integrate with your life, enabling more effective care, improving communication and connection, and creating efficiencies. But most importantly, it enables your coordinated care team to surround you, move in stride with you, and empower your success.

For patients and their families:

  • Integrates treatment into daily life—the moments, situations and challenges where it’s needed most
  • Allows for a treatment intensity schedule tailored to your needs, with the flexibility to evolve with you
  • Provides greater access to and open communication with your coordinated care team
  • Enhances collaboration with community supports, including pediatricians and schools

A More Engaged, Encompassing and Immersive Model of Care

We don’t take kids, teens, and young adults out of their daily lives and routines to provide care—instead, those kids, teens, and young adults take InStride with them into the real-world situations where they need support.

We begin with treatment tailored to each individual, providing more frequent sessions, personalized exposure coaching, and group and individual therapy as needed. This level of intensity increases engagement and internalization of anxiety management tools. And through virtual care, we can truly help kids face their fears, providing support and encouragement in real-time.

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Successful evidence-based treatment for anxiety disorders in youth results in long-term recovery.

Teaming Up with Leaders to Serve You Better

We collaborate with organizations that help us evolve treatment, improve access and deliver the best possible outcomes.


Recognized as the #1 freestanding psychiatric hospital in the country, McLean Hospital advises us on topics such as outcome measurement, diagnosis and assessment, treatment matching, and precision medicine. Our collaboration helps us ensure we incorporate the latest research and clinical innovations to serve our patients.


Violet powers culturally competent care at scale. We’re working with them to ensure that every InStride patient receives equitable health care, no matter their race, sexual orientation, gender, ability, language, citizenship, or more.

Hope Lab

Hopelab uses the power of science and design to activate hope, empowering us to generate positive, measurable health outcomes. Our work together is focused on designing an accessible experience, specifically inclusive of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ young people.

Treatment That Makes a Difference

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