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A Smarter Solution for a Growing Problem


You now have a better option for referring patients 7 to 22 with moderate to severe anxiety and OCD.​​

A Smarter Solution for a Growing Problem

You now have a better option for referring patients 7 to 22 with moderate to severe anxiety and OCD.

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Pediatric anxiety and OCD

We know the system is broken and hard to navigate.  We’re changing that by providing access to proven care that works to get families’ lives back on track.

Cofounded by the clinicians who developed the McLean Anxiety Mastery Program, and in collaboration with McLean Hospital, InStride provides evidence-based (CBT, ERP, DBT, ACT) care for children and adolescents diagnosed with anxiety and/or OCD.

What We Offer
InStride Health Core Value

Comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment plan.

InStride Health Core Value

Individual and family therapy, med management, group therapy, and on-demand coaching.

InStride Health Core Value

Parent guidance and support.

See What the Experts are Saying About InStride

“InStride Health bringing it's proven care model in-network with insurance carriers is a big deal for families. Ultimately, patients and families will have access to something that otherwise would have cost them a lot of more money out-of-pocket and out of network. In addition, they are able to get appointments in days instead of waiting months or sometimes even years, timely access is a key to long term success in managing these conditions.”

– Martha Temple, Former CEO Optum

"The InStride-McLean collaboration is a powerful combination. During their tenure at McLean, Drs. Potter and Boger demonstrated deep expertise and passion for helping children and families with anxiety. They are leaders and innovators, and we are thrilled to work with them as they seek to expand access to outpatient anxiety and OCD care."

– Scott Rauch, President and Psychiatrist in Chief, McLean Hospital

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