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Strategies for Navigating School Avoidance Webinar

After a holiday or school break, transitioning back to school can be particularly challenging for kids who have anxiety. Join pediatric mental health experts Drs. Wilmer and Villere, as they share strategies and practical tips for how families and school counselors can navigate school avoidance and successfully help kids return to the classroom.

Watch Sheree Emmons, M.Ed and Director of Coaching at InStride Health, discuss her experiences with exposure coaching for youth who are school avoidant. As a former public school teacher she understands how difficult school avoidance can be for the children, their parents and the school community. She also understands how InStride can help.

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Strategies for Addressing School Avoidance Due to Anxiety

Strategies for Addressing School Avoidance Due to Anxiety

School avoidance is a term used when a child or teen avoids going to school for an extended period of time and/or consistently arrives late or leaves early. It can happen for a variety of reasons, including emotional distress, which is particularly challenging and the focus of this blog.

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